All WMMC residencies are responsible to Leroy Reese, M.D., Associate Dean for the White Memorial Medical Center campus of the Loma Linda University School of Medicine.

All Family Medicine faculty teach in the Family Health Center and attend on the Family Medicine Service.

Full-time Faculty

Lucila Tarin, M.D.

Lucila Tarin, M.D., Faculty, Program Director

Hector Flores, M.D.

Hector Flores, M.D., Co-Director

Mauricio Bueno, M.D.

Mauricio Bueno, M.D., Director, Inpatient Service

Edward Castro, M.D.

Edward Castro, M.D., Director, Ambulatory Care

Andrew Chan, M.D.

Andrew Chan, M.D., Director, Geriatric Service

Daniel Maldonado, M.D.

Daniel Maldonado, M.D., Faculty, Family Medicine Service

Jorge Martinez, M.D.

Jorge Martinez, M.D., Faculty, Outpatient Medicine

Gilbert Medina, M.D.

Gilbert Medina, M.D., Faculty, Outpatient Medicine

Armando Pacheco, M.D.

Armando Pacheco, M.D., Faculty, Family Medicine Service

Luis Samaniego, M.D.

Luis Samaniego, M.D., Outpatient Medicine

 Geny Zapata, Psy.D.

Geny Zapata, Psy.D.

Sergio Villegas, M.D.

Sergio Villegas, M.D., Faculty, Outpatient Medicine

Additional Support

Ramesh Manchanda, M.D.

Specialty: Internal Medicine, Nephrology

Responsibilities: Faculty for Family Medicine Service

Roybal Mental Health Facility

A large faculty of behaviorists are drawn upon to teach family medicine residents in areas which range from substance abuse and adolescent medicine to family counseling and independent living for the aged and for those with chronic mental illness.

Institutional Faculty

All coordinators provide consultants from their respective specialties and appropriate subspecialties to provide round-the-clock back-up for the Family Medicine Service, as well as consultants for specialty clinics, didactic conferences, and special workshops and other learning experiences.

Coordinator of Adult Medicine Training

Juan Barrio, M.D., Director of Internal Medicine Residency Program, coordinating with the Family Medicine Director of Inpatient Training, ensures rigorous medical subspecialty educational experience with case selection appropriate for family medicine training. This intensive experience largely occurs on the teaching floors, the special units, and consultation services, augmented by appropriate clinics and didactic presentations, many of which coordinate with the Family Medicine curriculum.

Coordinator of Emergency Medicine Training

John Plosay, M.D., Chief of Emergency Services, coordinates the emergency room training of Family Medicine residents.

Coordinator of General Surgical Training

Faisal Khan, M.D., Department of Surgery, coordinates all aspects of surgical training for family medicine residents with the Family Medicine Director of Inpatient Training. This includes ambulatory and office surgery, the hospital and operating room experience, didactic instruction, and developing the full role of the family physician in the surgical process, including the primary care physician-consultant relationship.

Coordinator of Obstetrics Training

Cinna Wohlmuth, M.D., Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Program, in conjunction with the Family Medicine Director of Woman's Health, assures that the goals and objectives of the Family Medicine Residency curriculum in OB/GYN are fully met. Instruction is provided by both obstetricians and family physicians. This busy service quickly provides the basic skills that family medicine residents require to care for obstetrical patients in the Family Health Center. Specialty consultation in OB/GYN is available, in-house, 24 hours a day.

Coordinator of Pediatric Training

Ernie Guzman, M.D., Pediatric Department, coordinates with family medicine faculty in providing and evaluating an intensive training program in pediatrics appropriate for Family Medicine residents. A large segment of this program is outpatient-based. Inpatient experiences are supervised by Loma Linda Hospitalists and senior house officers.