CME Planning

CME Planning Application Process

1. It is very important to plan a CME activity 3-6 months ahead.

2. Complete the Gap Analysis and Pre-Planning Form. If you have any questions about the pre-planning form, do not hesitate to contact the CME Coordinator, Evelyn Martinez (x2102).

3. When the pre-planning form is completed, the next step is to schedule a meeting with

Evelyn and complete the full CME application.

a. If you are planning a one-time event, the Special Activity form is required.
b. If you are planning a RSS program, the RSS form is required.
4. Next step is to have the speaker(s) review and sign the following forms:
d. Cultural & Linguistic Competency
e. Planner Disclosure - Signed by Planner
f. Documentation of Receipt Review & Resolution of COI
g. If there will be commercial support, then a Vendor LOA must be signed ahead of
time as well.

5. Collect CV from speaker(s).

6. Collect power point presentation from speaker(s).

a. Physician planner should review the power point to make sure that there is no

Conflict of Interest. The Clinical Content Review and Validation form should be

completed and signed by physician planner.

b. It is understandable that the faculty presenting does not always have this prepared

on time;however, if the presentation is not in at least a week before the event,

then CME credit will not be given.

7. Once all of the forms above are completed, you need to attend the CME Committee

meeting before the event takes place. The CME Committee meeting dates for 2015 are

the following:

  • 2/11/15
  • 4/8/15
  • 6/10/15
  • 8/12/15
  • 10/14/15
  • 12/9/15

    8. The CME committee will review the forms and will decide whether or not credit will be granted.

    Finally, review that you have taken all the correct steps of the CME application process by calling CME coordinator Evelyn Martinez x2102