Explore Adventist Health White Memorial's New Community Health Education Library

Tu Mundo Hoy You Tube

The Community Health Education Library is an exclusive online video library created by Adventist Health White Memorial to provide the Greater Los Angeles community access to different topics that can improve you and your family’s wellbeing and quality of life. In our video library, we have over 100 segments of our award-winning television programs ¡Tu Mundo Hoy! and Your World Today!, ranging in topics from Covered California, to the benefits of learning basic CPR, to discussions of flu prevention, to diabetes, childhood obesity, cancer screening and how to evaluate one’s overall health. While the majority of the programs are in Spanish, we also have a good amount of English videos.

These episodes are now available here for you in an easily-searchable format, making it more convenient for you to:

  • Access healthcare information online or on-the-go
  • Find exactly what you need quickly and effortlessly
  • Take the first step toward a healthier you
  • Share the information with your loved ones, students and neighbors

All of this award-winning content is now available as an educational tool for you and your community!

Visit our Community Health Education Library at www.WhiteMemorialEDU.com​.​​