Blin Richards, CPA, MBA

Finance Officer

blin richardsAs Finance Officer at White Memorial, Blin Richards is responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring the progress of our financial goals, setting productivity benchmarks, auditing all departments and wraparound services, and managing the hospital’s numerous assets and investments. Instrumental in creating strong business strategies and providing in-depth analyses of financial policies and industry trends, Blin’s job is not just to balance the books but to find strategic avenues for expanding our profit base and long-term financial success. Blin is both results-oriented and a visionary, possessed with an incredible ability to see beyond the numbers into their potential for growth and return on investment. Blin came to White Memorial with over 23 years in accounting and financial planning in the health care field and was influential in creating reporting systems to track the profitability of HMO plans, using the information to negotiate significant increases in plans that were performing below the average. He was responsible for coordinating and reviewing monthly contractual calculations and managing the reporting of quarterly governmental reports, including Medicare and MediCal costs, state CHFC reports and federal and California state tax returns. Other similar positions in finance, accounting and personnel management has allowed him to develop a greater understanding of fiscal planning and how best to maximize investment while keeping down costs.​