How To Support White Memorial

There are various ways to support Adventist Health White Memorial. You can choose to make a cash donation, volunteer your time, as well as other options. We appreciate any of the following forms of support below. Please click on the respective title links below for more information on how to donate.

Cash donations: Donate by credit card or e-check - once or on a recurring basis.

Special Events: Sponsorships, buy tickets to our fundraising events.

Volunteer: Check out our one-time and ongoing volunteer positions and sign-up for them.

Planned Gift: Plan for the future, meet with an expert, and protect your family while leaving a Legacy Gift to White Memorial Medical Center Charitable Foundation. For more information, please click here. To learn more about our complimentary estate planning service including how to donate stocks, bonds or other securities, please contact Yuri E. Casco, Interim Director Philanthropy, Adventist Health White Memorial Charitable Foundation at or (526) 253-3292.

Thank you for your continued support of Adventist Health White Memorial and our community in East Los Angeles.