What to Expect

We take your procedure very seriously and it's important to us that you are well educated about your options and your surgery. In order to help you and the surgeon be well prepared, there are several steps to take before your surgery.
First you will have a consult visit with the surgeon to determine whether surgery is the best option for you. For simple procedures, this may also serve as your pre-op visit, which is a chance to ask the surgeon any questions you have about your operation and ensure you know exactly what to expect.
Certain procedures require additional testing and preparation. You may be asked to have a physical with your primary care provider within 30 days of the operation. You may also need to have an EKG or lab tests to make sure it is safe to move forward with the surgery.

Finally, you will be scheduled for your operation. You will know the date and time of the operation in advance and will receive a call from a nurse with any additional information.

For more information call our Pre-Admissions Nurse Coordinator at, please call 509-527-8060.