Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are people of different ages and backgrounds who share a common interest--helping others. Walla Walla General Hospital volunteer's assignments are varied and interesting. Time commitments and schedules can be tailored to the volunteer's availability, and some positions can accommodate seasonal absences.

Some have chosen volunteering as part of their retirement activities, while others do volunteer work in addition to their work at home or in a profession. Hospital volunteering offers a broad range of satisfying work opportunities, and at many different levels of commitment and ability.

Major classifications of volunteer assignments are:

  • Escorting
  • Office Assisting
  • Mailroom
  • Shredding
  • Gift Shop
  • Health Fairs
  • People who make a difference

As a volunteer you will:*

  • Assist patients, visitors and staff
  • Use your special knowledge and abilities to provide a valuable community service
  • Learn more about the medical field
  • Enlarge your circle of friends
  • Participate in volunteer social activities
  • Develop new skills
  • Be eligible for a variety or worthwhile benefits
  • Discover the satisfaction of helping others in a friendly, caring, challenging environment.

*You may prefer to use your professional experience or special talents in volunteer work, or you may be eager to learn new skills acquired through various volunteer training programs.

If you are interested in volunteering your time at Walla Walla General Hospital, please call 509-527-8275.