Street Medicine Program

Our mission in action

group photo of members taking part in the Adventist Health Ukiah Valley Street Medicine Program

Outcomes Of Street MedicineThe Adventist Health Ukiah Valley (AHUV) COMPASS (Community Outreach Medical Patient Advocacy and Social Solutions) Street Medicine team lives our hospital’s mission every day. We take preventative and urgent care medicine to our most vulnerable community members; our community’s homeless population. Ukaih Valley Compass Street Medicine Team Group Photo
Our remarkable multi-disciplinary team treats patients for medical, behavioral health and substance use issues such as diabetes, infections, acute wound care, social determinants of health as well as performs general health checks and health education through “backpack medicine” clinics and clinics overseen by the Family Medicine Residency Program physicians at our community’s homeless shelter.

Ukiah Valley Street Medicine from Adventist Health on Vimeo.


Adventist Health staff member taking the blood pressure of a smiling elderly womanThe benefits of the Adventist Health Ukiah Valley COMPASS Street Medicine program are not only to the individuals we serve, but to the greater community as well. Without this program, many of our homeless community members report that they would either visit the emergency room for non-urgent problems, or not seek medical care at all. Using the ER as a primary care option is not only costly for the hospital, but it also takes away from the number of beds that are open for patients with actual emergencies. If a patient does not seek medical attention, it can exacerbate treatable medical problems and risks turning what could have been an easy treatment, into a life-threatening condition.


members of the Adventist Health Street Medicine Program at Ukiah Valley preparing supplies in backpacks

Our homeless community members have begun to place trust in our providers and share their lives. We have seen incredible success stories as patients find stable homes and restore their physical and mental health. Former patients have become advocates themselves. Our team brings hope to what many perceive as a bleak situation. We are proud to bring the AHUV COMPASS Street Medicine program to our community.

COMPASS Care Management

Ukaih Valley Compass Street Medicine Member WalkingThe goal of the COMPASS Outpatient Care Management team is to support individuals in their health and wellness by helping them to navigate today’s complex medical system. The COMPASS team works together with local agencies, medical providers, and other resources to bridge gaps in care, focus on wellness and prevention and help to avoid crisis situations that lead to emergency room visits and hospitalizations.