Orthopedic Care in Mendocino County

At Adventist Health, we offer comprehensive orthopedic services, treating patients of all ages for a variety of conditions and injuries.

Our specialists provide patients with arthritis of the hips and knees with customized care, from the least aggressive treatment options to partial and full joint replacement surgery. We also specialize in treating injuries of the upper extremities, including, shoulder replacements, treatment for injuries of the wrist and elbow, tendon repairs and cartilage regeneration.

Our sports medicine program offers non-surgical treatment options for chronic and acute injuries of the hand/wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, foot/ankle and spine. We partner with you to help reduce and eliminate pain, helping you experience a healthy and active life.

Comprehensive spine care is offered at Adventist Health Howard Memorial. Dr. Katsuura offers surgical and non-surgical treatment options for adult and pediatric patients. Learn more about Dr. Katsuura and the conditions he treats.

Meet our Adventist Health orthopedics team

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Charpentier, Dr. Dickinson or Dr. Gould, call 707-467-5278

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Katsuura, call 707-459-6115