Your Live Well Experience

​Our team of specialty providers are trained to treat your conditions and help you learn new skills. You may be seen by one or a combination of providers.

Your First Visit: The Live Well Assessment

On your first visit to Live Well, a nurse practitioner will conduct an in-depth, one hour assessment of all aspects of your life. This will include a comprehensive history and physical, focusing on all aspects of your health including your weight, insomnia and sleep apnea, pain issues and any mood disorders. The nurse practitioner will then ask you about your health goals and design a customized treatment plan based on your health and lifestyle.

Quality of Life Assessment

When you feel better, you live better!

The Quality of Life Assessment includes an interview with a behavior health specialist, focusing on the aspects of your life that are influencing your health, such as anxiety and depression. This visit is not psychotherapy, but a focus on the “here and now.” Quality of Life teaches you self-care techniques that can help reduce your emotional response to pain and stressors.

Working with the Health Coach

The Health Coach will get you moving with an individualized exercise program focused on strengthening the body and decreasing pain. The Health Coach will conduct a functional physical assessment of your balance, flexibility and core strength and will start you on a program that meets your goals.

Tracking Your Progress

You’re changing—and so may your treatment plan! The nurse practitioner will do regular assessments of your progress and may adjust your treatment plan to include additional services or to focus on a particular area.