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Live Well is a sixteen- week program designed to help you address all aspects of your health; exercise routine, eating habits, sleep patterns, stress level, pain levels and lifestyle.

We know that achieving optimal health is best accomplished by treating the whole person – physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. So that’s exactly what we do. Each participant has access to a fitness coach, registered dietitian, mental health counselor and a nurse practitioner of all whom work together to help you reach your health goals.

Trudy's StoryTrudy Live Well Adventist Health Ukiah Valley

“Raul came to my office after a rough check-up. He was the heaviest he had ever been and told me that he was ready to make a change with me. The Live Well brochure was in his hand and right then and there we made the commitment to our health,” shares Trudy.

I learned about my condition for the first time, like what it really meant to have diabetes. I know that I can choose between fifteen large strawberries or four cheddar cheese squares. Before all I knew was my diagnosis and what medications to take. Now I’m feeling confident that I can take control of my life and be happy, energetic and healthy for myself, my children, grandchildren and husband.”

Trudy is one of many patients who have learned that getting to the rood cause of health issues is key. Most participants in the Live Well Program find hope and are able to achieve an improved quality of life with less pain, less medication and renewed energy and confidence in their ability to make better choices that they can stick to.

If moving more freely with less pain sounds good to you, or if you would like to learn to eat healthier, lose weight, reduce stress, combat depression or improve your life, then Live Well might be a program for you.

To learn more about the program, or to make an appointment with the Live Well Team call (707) 510-2791 or complete the form below.

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