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Embrace Your Potential to Live Well

Live Well is a sixteen- week program designed to help you address all aspects of your health; exercise routine, eating habits, sleep patterns, stress level, pain levels and lifestyle.

We know that achieving optimal health is best accomplished by treating the whole person – physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. So that’s exactly what we do. Each participant has access to a fitness coach, registered dietitian, mental health counselor and a nurse practitioner of all whom work together to help you reach your health goals.

Carol's Story

Carol was emerging from a stressful period in her life. She had been caring for her aging mother for many years as well as looking after her own children and grandchildren. Life became even more stressful when her partner was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Carol had given all of her physical and emotional energy to others, leaving her personal health behind.

After a routine visit with her nurse practitioner, Ann Ebiner, she decided it was time to Carol LiveWell Ukiahfocus on her own health, that week she joined Live Well. “When I walked in to my first Live Well appointment I was relieved to see Jan Woesner, NP, I thought this is cool, this feels like family.” Jan worked with Carol to develop a plan to help her meet her health goals. This plan included time with a personal trainer, registered dietitian and a counselor. Jan also ran tests and assessments to determine any health issues that might need to be addressed. She found a Vitamin D deficiency. Luckily, there was an easy fix that instantly brought Coral more energy.

“My time with Jessica, LCSW really made a huge impact on my journey. She brought my brain into the process. She helped me realize that my body is impacted by my mental health.” Carol had suffered from PTSD, insomnia and exercise induced stress, all burdens that had kept her from reaching her health goals in the past. Jessica Cowan, LCSW helped her cope and even heal from previous trauma. She gave Carol the tools she needed to sleep better, so her body had the energy it needed to complete the Live Well program. Carol also spent many sessions with Ryan Veness, Live Well’s personal trainer. He worked around her previous back injuries to help her improve her physical health. “Ryan gave me small steps that were manageable with my lifestyle.”

Carol also shared her experiences working with Karen, Live Well’s registered dietitian. “Karen never judged me. She gave me easy to follow tips, like always having healthy food with me, so when I was out and about it was easy to make healthy food choices.”

Today Carol is putting herself first. She has a new-found sense of energy and is better managing her stress and anxieties, living a healthier and happier life. She continues her Live Well journey though the maintenance program. She can call and visit the providers at Live Well anytime for continued support and advice.

Visit our website to learn more about the Live Well program. To make an appointment with the Live Well Team call (707) 467-5292 or complete the form below.

The Live Well Experience

We know that achieving optimal health is best accomplished by treating the whole person – physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

This is why our Live Well program starts with a thorough assessment, including all aspects of your health and your lifestyle. From this, we develop a customized plan, which when implemented, can make a real difference in your health.

Once You Join

A Nurse Practitioner will conduct an in-depth, one-hour assessment. From this, our team develops a customized treatment plan for you.
Tracking Your Progress

The Nurse Practitioner will conduct regular assessments of your progress and will modify your plan if necessary.

Personalized Live Well Plan

We take your first visit assessment and develop a customized plan for you to achieve optimal health. The services included in your plan may include one or a combination of any of the following services:

Fitness training – The Live Well personal trainer, Ryan Veness, will work with you no matter what your physical level, helping you to improve your mobility.
Nutritional counseling – A Registered Dietitian will work with you, teaching you the science behind food and how it can influence your overall health.
Psychiatric counseling – A Licensed Clinical Social Worker will diagnose and develop treatment plans for you, helping you to manage your mental health disorders
Diabetes education – Classes are offered to support you in taking control of diabetes.
Pain management – If you are already a patient of Dr. Young he will work directly with you and our Live Well team to develop a plan to decrease and eliminate chronic pain without relying on prescription drugs.

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