Live Well Success Stories

Learn from patients who have benefited from the Live Well program.

Dan's Story

Live Well Ukiah DanAfter some difficult life changes, Dan began to neglect his health. When he was ready to shift his focus back to his personal health he called our Live Well team. Ryan, Live Well’s fitness coach helped him develop tailored workouts to fit his abilities and Karen the program’s registered dietitian, gave him the nutritional advice he needed to meet his personal health goals. After just a few weeks in the program, Dan commented, “I feel like my old self again. I’m healthy and happy. The Live Well team made it easy to get back to being active and eating right. There’s no reason not to try it!”

Linda's Story

This program helped Linda lose over 30 pounds. She now has the energy she needs to return to a more active lifestyle. She noticed a physical improvement in her health and is happier and more fulfilled.

"What I loved most about Live Well was the support I received from the providers. Even after completing the program I know I can call Ryan (Fitness Couch) or Jan (Nurse Practitioner) for support and guidance. They will always be there for me."

Carol's Story

Carol was emerging from a stressful period in her life. She had been caring for her aging mother for many years as well as looking after her own children and grandchildren. Life became even more stressful when her partner was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Carol had given all of her physical and emotional energy to others, leaving her personal health behind. Read More

Trudy's Story

Trudys Story“By the second week, I learned more about diabetes in our hour than I had in the last four years!”

"Now I’m feeling confident that I can take control of my life and be happy, energetic and healthy for myself, my children, grandchildren and husband.” Read More