Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the Live Well Program? Check out the answers below, or call us at (707) 467-5292to learn more.

Q. Am I still going to see my primary care provider (physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant)?

Yes, and if they are an Adventist Health provider they will be able to read the Live Well reports in your electronic medical record. All your information will stay in one place so we can provide you the best care.

Q. Can I do only one part of the program?

Yes, but there is a huge benefit in doing the entire Live Well Program, especially if you have multiple health issues. However, you can see nutrition, behavioral health and addiction medicine providers without accessing the entire Live Well program.

Q. Can I go to Physical Therapy and Live Well at the same time?


Q. Can I go to a primary care appointment the same day as a Live Well appointment?


Q. If I am referred to the Live Well Program by my primary care provider but choose not to participate, will my provider still prescribe my medications (pain and anxiety)?

This is between you and your primary care provider who prescribes these medications to you. The Live Well Program is designed to provide you with support and medical guidance to help you get to the root cause of your health concerns, so that your health, pain levels, mood and mobility will improve along with your quality of life.

Q. What insurance plans does the Live Well Program accept?

The Live Well Program welcomes all insurances, including Medi-Cal, Medicare and Partnership HealthPlan of California. We also have financial counselors available to answer any questions about deductibles and co-payments.