Resident Financial Support & Benefit Schedule 2018-2019

(Effective July 2018)

Financial Support: The Medical Center agrees to pay Resident on a bi-weekly basis as noted below. Payment is determined by the PGY-level of the Resident’s appointment. Deductions may be made for applicable benefits and taxes.

Level/Annual Financial Support

PGY-1 / $57,400

PGY-2 / $61,734

PGY-3 / $67,933

Chief Medical Resident/$2500.00

Benefits: The Medical Center agrees to provide the following benefits based upon a 12-month appointment.

Health & Vision Plan/Dental Coverage:

Health care coverage is available under the AHUV health plan for medical and optical expenses, for Resident with a monthly payroll deduction for applicable premiums. Resident’s spouse and/or dependent children may be added upon payment by Resident of applicable premiums. Optional dental coverage is available, if selected, with a monthly payroll deduction for applicable premiums.

Coverage under the Plan is effective on the first day of attendance at Orientation, or on the first of the month after hire, whichever comes first.

The Plan is a self-insured, employer-sponsored health care benefit plan; it is not an insurance program. In order to receive any coverage under the plan, Resident must complete enrollment forms and submit the forms to the Human Resources. Any changes in family or eligibility status (such as change in marital status, new children, unemployed spouse, etc.) must be reported within 30 days of the change in eligibility status.

Disability/Life Insurance:

A guaranteed issue, group long-term disability plan and term life insurance plan is provided at AHUV’s expense. Details are available at GME Office.

Days Off:

Residents are to have four, 24-hour periods (one day in seven) free of patient care responsibilities each month, averaged over four weeks. During months with legal holidays, (i.e., January, May, July, September, November and December), Residents will have one additional day off for a total of 5 days off in those months. During the month of November, there are two official holidays – at the discretion of the Attending Physician and/or Program Director, the Resident may have a total of seven days off in November.


The following leave allowances and provisions, based upon a twelve-month appointment are provided; leave provisions will be prorated for appointments of shorter duration. For purposes of paid leave (vacation, sick, funeral, etc.) a week is considered Monday through Friday; weekends are not included in calculations of leave time off.

If required leave is other than Jury, Funeral or Voting; please contact Program Coordinator or the Human Resources Department for eligibility.

It is the Resident’s responsibility to make sure leave does not exceed the ABFM maximum allowable for Board eligibility. The total days taken for vacation, sick leave, FMLA leave and personal leave must not exceed the 21 working days or 30 calendar stated in the GMEC Absence from the Residency Program Policy (#12045).

Paid Leave (Vacation): PGY-1: 2 Weeks up to 15 days PGY-2 to PGY-3: 4 Weeks up to 20 days

Paid Leave (Vacation) may not be taken and will not be granted during the first or last month of the GME Program under this AGREEMENT, subject to the discretion of the Program Director and the GME Administrator. Scheduling of Paid Leave (Vacation) is at the discretion of the Program Director and the GME Administrator, as appropriate. Arrangements for Paid Leave (Vacation) of more than three consecutive days should be made at least 90 days in advance.

Sick Leave: The Resident may have 10 regularly scheduled days off for paid sick leave. Resident must notify the appropriate individuals which may include the Attending Physician on service, the GME Program Coordinator, and GME Office when Sick Leave is utilized.

FMLA Leave: Refer to Medical Center policy 2000.06.06; “Family Medical Leave”, and the California Hospital Employee Handbook, Section IV, 4-3 for specific information pertaining to Family & Medical Leave Act “FMLA” (federal), Worker’s Compensation (state), California Family Rights Act “CFRA” (state), Pregnancy Disability Act (state).

Funeral Leave: Full-time employees may request up to 24 scheduled work hours off with pay for funeral leave in the case of a death in the Resident's immediate family. "Immediate family" is defined as parents, spouse, children, stepchildren, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, father-in-law, and mother-in-law. Refer to Medical Center policy 2000.16.06; "Personal Time Off", and the California Hospital Employee Handbook, Section IV, 4-2; “Funeral Leave”.

Leave of Absence (LOA): Refer to Medical Center policy 2000.16.06; "Personal Time Off"; and the California Hospital Employee Handbook, Section IV, 4-3; “Leave of Absence”. LOA may have an effect upon the completion date of the GME Program; the Program Director, in compliance with Program and Board requirements, will determine whether leave time must be made up. For complete information related to eligibility for specialty board examinations, see the Program Director.

White Coats:

Three embroidered white coats are issued at the beginning of the initial year of the GME Program at AHUV. Resident may retain the coats at the termination of the GME Program.

Employee Assistance Program:

The Medical Center provides counseling services through an Employee Assistance Program (hereinafter “EAP”), available for Residents in GME Programs. Specific details are available from “EAP” or from AHUV HR Office. Refer to Medical Center policy 2000.05.10; "Employee Assistance Program".

Cell Phone:

A cell phone is provided for Resident's use throughout the GME Program appointment period. Upon termination from the GME Program, the cell phone must be returned to the GME Office as required by GME Office policy. It is the responsibility of the Resident to reimburse the medical center for lost or damaged cell phone.

Continuing Medical Education Discretionary Fund:

All Residents have CME allowance each academic year.
PGY1 / $1,000.00
PGY2&3 / $1,500.00

CME activities are defined as those that contribute to the knowledge base of the Resident for the practice of Family Medicine. Funds can be used for conferences, journals, self-study materials, books, etc. CME activities are accepted according to the discretion of the Program. All Discretionary Fund requests must be approved by GME administrator / director at AHUV.

Licensing Fees:

AHUV will reimburse for California Medical Board and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) licensing fees.


Meals will be provided for resident in the cafeteria while on-site at AHUV.


There is no provision whatsoever for housing accommodations for Resident or Resident's dependents.

Moving Expenses:

Moving expenses will be reimbursed for PGY1 and PGY2 residents not to exceed $2000.00 per year with original receipt.