Sleep Lab

Diagnosis, assessment and treatment of sleep disorders in Tillamook

Adventist Health Tillamook's sleep lab is designed to diagnose and treat a variety of sleep disorders. The lab is outfitted with state-of-the-art technology and staffed with a board-certified sleep physician. In order to meet your needs better, we offer inpatient services as well as take-home studies, which will allow some of your screening needs to be completed in the comfort of your own home.


The Adventist Health Tillamook sleep lab is equipped with the following:

  • Sleep Number bed
  • Personal phone
  • Cable TV
  • Electroencephalogram (EEG)

The EEG is a test that detects electrical activity in the brain using small, flat metal discs, or electrodes, attached to the scalp. Because brain cells are always active and communicate with electrical impulses, the EEG can be helpful in diagnosing and treating the sleep problems listed above.


Sleep studies are specialized tests that record body movements, brain waves, blood oxygen levels and general behavior. This information is used to uncover the causes of problems such as sleeplessness, poor quality of sleep, excessive snoring, sleep apnea and more.


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