Skilled Foot Care

Do You Have Happy Feet?

footcare specialistIt is normal for people to experience some foot problems as they age. But experts say that problems with feet can be the first sign of more serious medical conditions, particularly among older adults. Health problems, such as arthritis, diabetes, nerve issues and circulatory disorders may first be noticed in the feet. That is why it is important to pay attention to your feet and seek medical attention as soon as you notice a problem.

Unlike fingernails, which often become brittle and fragile with age, toenails may become thickened, hard and deformed, making them harder to care for. Untrimmed toenails can be painful and may make it difficult to walk. Some people may not be able to reach down to cut their own toenails, including those who have had a hip replacement procedure.

We can help!

If you have diabetes or special medical needs, podiatry services are available in Tillamook and Manzanita. For a podiatry consultation, call (503) 815-2115.

For those with foot care concerns other than diabetes, Outpatient Therapy Services offers skilled foot care for a cash payment of $25 per visits. For an appointment, call (503) 815-7510.