Education & Training Center

Tillamook Regional Medical Center's (TRMC) education and training center is available to the community for medical education and training needs.

Who could benefit from the TRMC Education and Training Center?

Medical center employees, EMS, fire departments, healthcare providers, first responders, medical facilities, schools, colleges and more. The education and training center has multiple resources available to provide various levels of training.

  1. Simulation: high fidelity and medium fidelity simulation manikins with the ability to simulate real life scenarios from basic to advanced.
  2. Multiple anatomical models for teaching and demonstration.
  3. Medical tools and resources utilized in training of clinical and medical staff at various levels of experience as well as first responders.
  4. Comfortable environment for smaller groups.
  5. Small library of medical textbooks for reference.
  6. Staff development coordinator and educator to assist in education facilitation and support.

Call Caroline Tone to schedule your next medical training in the TRMC Education and Training Center at (503) 815-2114.