Walk of Faith

The 2018 Walk of Faith took place on Sunday, September 30 raising awareness and funds for Faith in Action's respite care service. The Respite Care Honoree this year was Jackie Carpenter.

In the course of a lifetime, nearly everyone will find themselves providing some form of physical or emotional care to a friend or family member. Respite care gives the weary caregiver "time off" for personal time and energy renewal.

Respite care services offered by Faith in Action volunteers include:

  • In-home volunteers for short time frames
  • Wellspring, an adult respite day care center that offers an affordable 6-hour "day away" for caregivers four days each month at the local Seventh-day Adventist church.

There is no charge for in-home services; a small daily fee is charged for Wellspring services, with financial assistance available for those with need.

For information about Faith in Action, please call (503) 815-2272 or Email Us.