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Physical Therapy in Tehachapi Valley

Our physical therapy department improves our patients’ quality of life by focusing on functional mobility and strength to decrease their pain. Our accredited physical therapists make it easier to return to your home and work duties — as well as sports and recreational activities — with increased ease and decreased limitations.

Why participate in physical therapy?

Many are referred to physical therapy in order to rehabilitate from major medical trauma or surgery. However, there is increasing evidence showing physical therapy can often be an effective, less expensive alternative to surgery and/or prescription drugs for conditions ranging from back pain and degenerative disk disease to meniscal tears and knee osteoarthritis.

Will my insurance cover treatment?

Although laws regarding direct access to a physical therapist differ from state to state, and insurance plans vary, anyone in the United States can seek a physical therapy screening without a physician’s referral. PTs work with their patients to develop individualized treatment plans that take into account patient needs, challenges and goals. Working with a physical therapist can be empowering, as a patient is able to collaborate with the physical therapist and be an active participant in his or her recovery.

Our physical therapy department combines extensive education, clinical experience and the latest research to create evidence-based treatments customized to meet your specific needs and goals.

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