Donor and Patient Stories

Donor Stories

“We have been deeply involved in the development of our new hospital over the past 20 years and are devoted to its success. We hope our gift and others like it will lead to a fine, caring, high-quality hospital right here in Tehachapi that offers many services not otherwise available without driving almost an hour. These services will increase over time in response to the excellence of hospital practices, effective marketing, the caring nature of the staff, and word of mouth. The more we all use our hospital, the better it will become. We really appreciate the warmth, kindness and friendship of all we have come to know on the staff.”

-George and Anne Marie Novinger, donors

Patient Stories

“The nursing staff has been awesome. They’ve been on top of it. They’re very nice, considerate, respectful, and I can’t say enough about them. We received exceptional care so many times throughout this whole process and we are very grateful and thankful for everybody who was involved. I wish there were a hospital like this in every rural community. I’m so grateful.”

-Brian Henry, son of ICU patient

“I remember them wheeling her out, and the nurses were right there with her. They didn’t even hesitate. I’m so thankful. They didn’t even think twice. They were going to do whatever they had to do, and I felt she was in really good hands. If it weren’t for [those nurses], my mother would not be here right now. I feel that in my heart. They saved her life.”

-Heather Silva, daughter of an emergency room patient

The Adventist Health Tehachapi Valley Foundation gives grateful patients, community advocates, and families the opportunity to share their experience with others. We invite you to reflect on an experience at the hospital that was extraordinary, recognize a clinical staff member or share an inspiring moment that changed your life for the better. Please tell us your story.