Volunteer Opportunities

Pet Therapy

It has been said that dog is man’s best friend dog. Volunteer handlers and their canine companions visit patient’s bedside or in the lobby provide unconditional love and acceptance. All dogs must be Delta Society certified.

Art Care Program

In partnership with the Arts Council of Kern, local artists and musicians provide artful expression and outlets to our patients in a healing atmosphere.

Spiritual Care

Under the direction of the Spiritual Care department, volunteers assist with addressing the spiritual needs of patients and families.

Patient Support

Primarily focused on the Medical/Surgery unit, volunteers engage with patients in their visual, auditory and textile functioning providing an extra measure of comfort during someone’s hospitalization.

Courtesy Desk

Outgoing and helpful volunteers greet patients and guests as they enter the hospital, providing directions and answering general questions.

Emergency Room Angel

The Emergency Department is a busy place with many patient needs happening simultaneously. Volunteers serving in this role provide support to patients and work alongside our dedicated nursing team.

Operating Room Liaison

Waiting for a loved one while they are in surgery can feel like a lifetime. Volunteers will serve as a liaison between family/friends and the surgical team to assist during the wait, as well as pre- and post-op needs.