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A Lifestyle Medicine Program

Do you struggle with diabetes, heart disease, weight control, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, tobacco use, osteoarthritis or cancer? Then spending just 10 days with use can put you on the road to a lifetime of good health.

TakeTEN™ is a unique program that combines medicine with lifestyle improvement. Manage and even reverse underlying chronic disease conditions. Break additive habits such as smoking and tobacco use.
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Our TakeTEN™ program is a proven, physician-directed solution that teaches you practical steps you can take now to create a healthy lifestyle that will benefit you today and for the rest of your life. You're just 10 days away from taking charge of your health in ways you never thought possible!

Lifestyle medicine

Lifestyle medicine benefits everyone, regardless of diagnosis, by providing an environment for the body to heal, reducing the need for medication.

TakeTEN™ is a 10-day residential physician-directed and evidence-based lifestyle medicine program that combines medicine, lifestyle, fitness, nutrition and health into a personalized lifestyle prescription. Whether you struggle with a chronic disease, a health condition or weight or just want to live a more active lifestyle, we can help.

Lifestyle medicine is a whole-person approach that combines the best of traditional medicine and evidence-based natural remedies.

Diabetes care

TakeTEN™ can help you manage your diabetes by teaching you the lifestyle habits necessary to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Our doctors address multiple organ problems by incorporating healthy habits including nutrition, personal fitness and daily monitoring of blood sugar levels. We have a high success rate of using prescribed nutrition and exercise plan to reduce or eliminate diabetes medication. Our program is led by Drs. James and Cheryl Peters, who prescribe a nutrition and exercise plan that empowers you to manage your diabetes using only minimal medication.

  • Optimize your diabetes care with nutrition and lifestyle
  • Engage in an extensive personalized health assessment
  • Naturally reduce or eliminate your diabetes medication
  • Reduce your weight with our lifestyle makeover

Cardiovascular care

TakeTEN™ can help you to manage your heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. By reducing cardiovascular disease risk factors, you can decrease the risk of a future cardiac event.

We provide residential heart disease treatment and empower you with the lifestyle habits necessary to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, inflammatory markers and hypertension. We combine the best of traditional medicine with evidence-based natural treatments. We offer like as a proper diet to lower cholesterol and ways to relax and reduce stress. Our physicians provide natural cardiovascular disease education and prevention that helps you manage your heart disease with a simple program you can maintain for life. Through this program you can:

  • Optimize your health and reduce your risk of heart attack
  • Engage in an extensive personalized health assessment
  • Feel great while you’re losing weight
  • Naturally reduce or eliminate your need for medicine

Weight loss

TakeTEN™ can help you achieve your long-term weight loss goals by empowering you with the lifestyle habits necessary for weight management. What is unique about our program is that you will lose 10 percent of your excess weight in just 10 days, without feeling hungry.

You will learn to create delicious, nutritious meals that satisfy, engage in exercise according to your body’s needs and abilities, and develop a plan you can maintain for life! TakeTEN™ is a personalized health program that helps you achieve long-term weight loss through healthy cooking, diet education, prescribed exercise, and simple habits of daily living that will quickly and effectively take off the pounds naturally. You will:

  • Jump-start your weight loss with our whole-person approach
  • Tighten your belt up to an inch or more (average based on six month sample of participants
  • Eat flavorful, healthy foods that fill you up
  • Engage in an extensive, personalized health assessment
  • Achieve your weight loss goals for life with our lifestyle makeover
  • Learn to make 10 quick and easy TakeTEN™ recipes and expand them into 30 meals at home

We make healthy living fun and manageable. Optimize your health and achieve your ideal weight with us!

Smoking cessation

At Adventist Health St. Helena Center for Health, we offer one of only two smoke-free (smoking cessation) residential programs in the United States — and the only stop-smoking residential program in the Bay Area. Our highly successful nicotine replacement treatment for tobacco dependence is designed and made specifically for your body’s physiology to help you stop smoking. This increases your success rate and effectively neutralizes your addiction to nicotine. You can:

  • Neutralize your physiological addiction to nicotine using nicotine replacement therapy
  • Engage in an extensive personalized health assessment
  • Get optional screening for cancer and emphysema
  • Achieve your weight goals for life with our lifestyle makeover
  • Learn from one of only two smoke-free residential programs in the United States

We treat your tobacco dependence while focusing on whole-person healthcare with a comprehensive, multiple-day, extensive personalized medical assessment that goes beyond the normal office physical. Our physicians address risk factors such as nutrition deficiencies, genetic vulnerability and environmental stresses. They also investigate conditions such as heart disease, cancer, emphysema, diabetes, osteoporosis and more, including mystery disease.


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