St. Helena Childbirth Classes

Birthing classes

This series presents important information about labor, birth and what to expect at the hospital to make you feel confident and comfortable about the journey ahead.

Our birthing classes are offered as a three-class series. Plan to take classes during your fifth month of pregnancy.

Congratulations, You Are Pregnant

This class is for those who have just found out they are pregnant — up to 30 weeks. Learn tips and tricks for those first months of pregnancy, how to deal with the symptoms, and what to do now to prepare for labor and your new baby. Find out about the best internet resources, exercises for a healthy pregnancy and how to meet nutritional needs throughout your pregnancy.

You can register for the classes by calling (707) 963-6577

Our Preparing for Birth Classes

A 3- class series. Plan to take classes during or after your fifth month of pregnancy.

This series presents important information about labor, birth and what to expect at the hospital. Classes are on Tuesdays-6:00 p.m. at Adventist Health St. Helena (signs in the lobby direct you to the room location.) Classes are led by a team of health care professionals under the medical direction of Dr. Candace Westgate

  • Birth 1 — Early Labor and Nutrition in Labor: Learn what happens when labor begins, what to expect and how you can prepare to have the birth you hope for. This class focuses on the early stage of labor and how to manage at home.
  • Birth 2 — Active Labor and Pregnancy Fitness: This class provides information about options for a flexible birth plan, when to go to the hospital and what to expect at the hospital, managing contractions, exercise to prepare for labor, and how to maintain a healthy pregnancy.
  • Birth 3 — The Birth: This class includes information about medications available, pain management without medications, medical interventions, Cesarean sections and immediate postpartum.
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Childbirth Classes

Gain helpful knowledge and tips about childbirth in classes led by a team of healthcare professionals. Childbirth Classes are on Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m. located at 821 St. Helena Hwy. in St. Helena.

Candace Westgate, DO OBGYN

Ramona Asmus, BS, RN, certified childbirth instructor and Labor and Delivery Nurse

Allyson Hemstreet, DPT Physical Therapist

Hilary Sheehy, BS, RD Registered Dietitian

Becky Diel, BS IBCLC Lactation Consultant


Everything you’ve been wondering about breastfeeding and didn’t know who to ask. Breastfeeding is natural, but preparation is recommended. Benefits of breast-feeding and your partner’s role will be discussed. Our certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) will fill you in on all the ins and outs and answer all your questions.

Newborn Care/Infant CPR and Choking

This class tells you what to expect in those first hours and days with your new baby and how to prepare for your family member. CPR/choking is a hands-on opportunity for you to learn the basics to be prepared for an emergency.

Family Connections

Join other parents for this lunchtime gathering to chat, ask questions, get help with breastfeeding issues or just be with other new parents. There are new topics and a speaker each month.

Adventist Health St. Helena 208 at the Women’s Center.
821 St. Helena Hwy. in St. Helena (room #208 upstairs from the OB/GYN office).

This class meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month. - No registration required

Hospital Tour/Family Birth Unit Tours

Find out where to come, what to expect, parking, what to bring and more! This class meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm in the lobby of Adventist Health St. Helena.

Hospital /Family Birth Unit Tour Registration

Preparing for a New Sibling

Birth is about more than mom – it’s about the whole family! Our “Super Star Sibling” class prepares siblings for birth and the arrival of the new baby. Children who are included in the preparation for childbirth with their own birth class see the coming baby as a celebration. Preparing for a New Sibling is a free class for children ages 2-6 (call if you have a child older than 6 for age appropriate class dates.)

This free class meets the 5th Tuesday of January, April, and October 11:00-12:00 am
Call 707.363.5631 for more information and to register.

Preparing for a New Sibling Class Registration