What have you heard about audiology?

Oct 26, 2020


In honor of National Audiology Awareness Month, our audiology team has put together some cool facts about audiology and some helpful signs of early hearing loss.

Quick facts about audiology

Audiologists are medical professionals who evaluate, diagnose, treat and manage hearing loss, tinnitus and balance disorders in adults and children. They are university-trained and specially licensed.

Audiologists are also trained to assess patients with dizziness and balance system dysfunction.

A Doctor of Audiology degree is required to become an audiologist.

The field of audiology rapidly gained momentum during and after World War II when soldiers with hearing loss were returning home.

Hearing loss facts and signs

Did you know that about 15% of American adults report some trouble hearing? Hearing loss often occurs so gradually you may not be aware of a problem. Often your family, friends or co-workers will notice signs of your hearing loss before you do.

Early signs of hearing loss include:

  • Turning the TV or radio volume louder than other family members prefer.
  • Difficulty understanding speech in a background of noise, for instance in restaurants.
  • More difficulty hearing children and women than men.
  • Difficulty hearing in meetings and/or public speaking events.
  • Ringing or other noises in the ear(s) when no external sound is present.
  • Asking frequently to have things repeated.
  • Difficulty hearing people "with soft voices."

Does this sound like you? Or do you have concerns about dizziness or balance? Talk with your primary care doctor or nurse practitioner and ask for a referral to Adventist Health Portland’s audiologists.

Our audiologists’ years of experience and expertise will guide them to assess and help your unique situation with treatment plans or even referrals to other health care professionals as needed. Call us at (503) 261-6962 or learn more online.