Spine Surgery in Sonora

See whether surgery is right for you

Back pain can be caused by many different conditions. The most common surgical conditions are degenerative disc disease, herniated disc or spinal stenosis.

Conservative medical care, such as medication and therapies, are usually initiated first. If conservative therapies do not provide marked relief, more diagnostic tests are ordered to establish a definitive diagnosis. Once a clear diagnosis is confirmed, your physician will help you decide if surgery is right for you.

The physicians and staff at Northern California Spine Institute have collaborated with several departments at Adventist Health Sonora including surgery, nursing and rehabilitation to develop a comprehensive spine program. This includes education manuals to guide you through every aspect of your procedure, from a pre-surgery checklist and what to expect at the hospital to preparing your home for recovery and specific exercises that will help you achieve your best results. You will know what to expect and what to do every step of the way.

For surgical patients, a dedicated orthopedic nurse navigator provides a pre-operative class. During class you can learn even more about your role in the surgery process.