patient stories

Sharon Hunt

Thanks to her spine surgery, Sharon is pain-free again!

With a diagnosis of spinal stenosis and bulging discs, Sharon Hunt had been in pain for years. She had gone through multiple non-invasive treatment options. During a cruise trip to celebrate a friend’s 90th birthday, her pain was so great that she couldn’t even stand in line for the dining room without asking for a chair. When she walked out of her last steroid injection still in severe pain, she knew it was time to explore surgery.

Sharon opted for back surgery with the specialists at the Northern California Spine Institute, and she couldn’t be happier with her results. At 84 years old, she tends to a beautiful garden, serves as president of her local rotary club, and even helps out with physically-demanding community service, like splitting and delivering wood to neighbors in need.

“Since my surgery, I have complete freedom,” Sharon says. “I have no pain and am fully functional again. The entire surgery team was fantastic—upbeat, positive, friendly. I would put all my eggs in their basket.”