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Melissa Anderson

Thanks to the Northern California Spine Institute, Melissa Is Back to Running Her Ranch


Living on a ranch requires backbreaking work—from splitting wood for the winter to running irrigation in the summer. Melissa knew her back pain was getting bad when her five-minute walk to the irrigation pump was taking 20 minutes or more. She’d had neck surgery with Northern California Spine Institute before and knew they were the experts to return to for her back surgery.

It was instant relief. Melissa has no more nerve pain in her legs and can now walk around the ranch as much as she wants. Her recovery has been steady, and she still works daily on building her leg strength. After ­­­eight weeks of twice-a-week physical therapy, Melissa now continues her therapy exercises every morning. Before her surgeries, Melissa says she couldn’t even lift her arms over her head. In the recovery room after her operation, she was immediately able to lift both hands in the air pain-free. How’s that for instant success?


“Everyone on the team is compassionate, professional, and caring,” Melissa says, “I would recommend them to anybody.”

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