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Brooke Petty

Thanks to Expert Diagnosis, Brooke Will Dance Again!

Dancing is a demanding sport—so when Brooke Petty started experiencing severe leg pain, she thought it was a result of growing up a dancer. At the time, Brooke was working with AmeriCorps, helping communities all over the East coast with organic farming, trail maintenance and building homes. But as her pain intensified, she couldn’t continue participating in her work.

Brooke’s leg pain had always been diagnosed as a symptom of neuropathy. When she finally got an x-ray at the Northern California Spine Institute, it was the first time she was diagnosed with a spine fracture and a slipped disc. Right away, she was scheduled for surgery to repair her slipped disc and place screws in her spine. Brooke went to physical therapy for only five weeks before she was cleared to continue her exercises at home. After only four months, Brooke was able to return to her job, walking five miles a day or more. Now, any lingering pain she has vanishes with over-the-counter medications—a relief that she never knew was possible! As her recovery continues, Brooke is excited to get back to dancing, running and giving back to her community.

“This team knows what they’re talking about,” says Brooke. “The thought of surgery was scary for me, but they reassured me every step of the way. Now, I’m so excited to get back to all the activities I love!”

Freedom from Spine Pain
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