Michael McCaffrey

Michael and Stephanie McCaffreyDear Dr. Nygaard,

I want to thank you for giving me back the man I married 47 years ago. Michael had his hip replaced by you four months ago. Prior to his surgery he was unable to do most anything without experiencing tremendous pain. Walking, standing, sitting - even sleeping was terribly painful. He was not fun to be around - always grumpy and uninvolved. Since we own a bed and breakfast in Twain Harte this was especially difficult as I'm sure guests wondered what was wrong with him - never a smile. He finally just started spending a ll his time in our quarters, avoiding guests and friends altogether. Pretty horrible way to live.

I know he was somewhat apprehensive to have surgery. He had never had a surgery or spent time in a hospital. He told me after the surgery that the actual pain he had been having from his bad hip was gone. He did have some pain from the surgery but you had told him that was all part of the healing process. While in the hospital he was able to walk with a walker which he used for a short time at home. Within two weeks he was using a cane and by his six week visit with you he was cane free! With the in home physical therapy and the physical therapy with Dr. David Hartwig he was feeling 95% and ready to get on with life. Today he's 100%!

Michael is once again walking, hiking, and looking forward to skiing again. He is able to do everything he wants to do pain free. He's great with our guests, works around the inn and is fun to be around. Thank you, your staff and the great aftercareMichael's received.

Stephanie McCaffrey