Betty Hobbs

Betty HobbsTo Whom It May Concern:

About 10 years ago, I began to experience some joint pain. I remember because at the time I thought, this is just what happens when you are 70. As the years went by, the pain got worse to where I could only take little baby steps and the high dose of ibuprofen I was taking was not working. Since I deliver newspapers in downtown Sonora, walking a route from the Gunn House to the high school, a job I enjoy very much, the thought of sitting in a chair was just not appealing to me. But I also did not like the idea of surgery - I don't even like needles!

I've made a lot of friends in the nine years I've been delivering newspapers downtown. I see them five days a week and it's really like family. One of my customers had hip surgery and a few weeks later, I saw him walking with ease and with no cane. I asked him about it and he encouraged me to look into surgery to help my pain and difficulty walking. So finally I decided it was time to do something.

Because I had pain in all of my joints, we had to decide where to start. X-rays showed that my hips and right knee were bone on bone and joint replacement was my best option. On Valentine's Day 2011, I had my left hip replaced. In August 2011, I had my right knee replaced and in November my right hip. My left knee began feeling better when my left hip was corrected so there is no immediate need for surgery there. All three surgeries went so well, I was back on my paper route within six weeks of each surgery.

Now I am able to spend two or more hours, five days a week, walking downtown and enjoying my paper route. It's my social time when I get to see my friends, find out what's happening around town, and enjoy all of the window displays in our local businesses. I also get the exercise I need without a gym fee. I know that all my walking, and religiously doing my physical therapy exercises, was crucial for my success. The home health nurses and physical therapists from Sonora Regional were great and helped me get started with the right exercises. I am looking forward to once again be able to enjoy God's beautiful world by hiking the Sierra trails, enjoying backpacking and gardening with ease.

I encourage anyone who is suffering from joint pain to talk to their doctor and find out if joint replacement would help. My surgeries with Dr. Nygaard were a lot easier than I could have ever imagined. I remember waking up from surgery in a clean, comfortable bed. I had little pain and could barely realize I had just had surgery. And now, I do not feel 80. I am mobile and doing all the things I want to.


Betty Hobbs