Physical & Occupational Therapy in Sonora

Helping you recover after joint replacement surgery

Therapy begins the day of surgery with a cold therapy unit applied to the surgery site, helping reduce pain, swelling and inflammation. Following hip or knee surgery, you will be assisted to sit up with your legs hanging over the edge of the bed.

The day after surgery, you will work with physical and occupational therapists to learn safe walking techniques, review simple leg exercises, and safely move to and from either the bathroom or bedside commode.

On day two after surgery, the occupational therapist will continue with training to assist you in performing daily tasks, which may include dressing yourself and moving to and from the bathroom. The physical therapist will review your home exercise program and continue training with a walker.

Prior to discharge, your rehabilitation team will evaluate your progress and make sure you will be able to safely walk with a walker, transfer in and out of bed without assistance, negotiate stairs safely with assistance, and dress without assistance.

Nurses will work with you throughout your stay to effectively manage your pain, allowing you to participate in your rehabilitation.