Understanding Knee Pain in Sonora

The facts behind your knee pain

Your knee joint is formed by the lower leg bone — called the tibia or shin bone — and the thigh bone, called the femur. The bone ends of a knee joint are covered with joint cartilage, a smooth layer that allows your knee joint to move and function freely.

As the knee joint begins to show signs of wear, your joint cartilage will start to deteriorate and eventually, fragments will break off. As these bits of cartilage accumulate, they begin to irritate the living of your knee joint. This process can be extremely painful and result in a loss of motion in the area.

The process of arthritic joint wear can take several years to develop, but you may experience very sudden symptoms. Though present-day treatments are not able to completely cure arthritis, they can reduce pain, improve function and slow further damage.

Causes of arthritis

Day-to-day use of your knee joints is the most common reason for arthritis of the knee. Daily wear and tear adds up over time and can weaken your knee joints over the years.

Genetics also impact joint wear. Your genetically determined cartilage structure and its durability will make a difference in your joint health and the lifespan of your cartilage.

Premature arthritic joint wear can also be caused by:

  • Injuries
  • Work or sport activities
  • Joint anatomy
  • Weak muscle control
  • Weight