Knee Replacement Surgery in Sonora

Walking you through the knee replacement process

As you mentally and physically prepare for knee replacement surgery, you may be feeling anxious about the procedure. Understanding what goes on during this surgery may help you feel more at ease. At Adventist Health Sonora, we are here to answer your questions, address your concerns, and help you feel comfortable and confident at every step.

The knee replacement process

After you have undergone anesthesia, your surgeon will trim arthritic bone and cartilage from the thigh, leg and kneecap. These bone cuts are incredibly precise in order to keep your leg aligned and to maintain balance of the knee ligaments.

A metal thigh bone component, a plastic kneecap, and a metal and plastic leg bone component are then cemented into place. The selected components will be appropriate for your size and will be the correct thickness to provide proper tension in the knee ligaments. Deformities such as permanently bent knee or knock-knee will also be corrected.

High-quality artificial joint systems

You may have seen artificial joint system “recalls” pop up in the media. The majority of these recalls in the past 10 years have involved newer prosthetic designs that only have a short record of durability or survivorship studies. At Adventist Health Sonora, our orthopedic surgeons use only the highest quality artificial joint systems that are known for their track record of success and durability. We encourage you to discuss this matter with your surgeon if you have any questions or concerns.