Project HOPE in Sonora

Free medical services for those in need

​Everyone needs healthcare services now and then. You never know when a cold, the flu or some other unforeseen medical condition is going to happen. These unexpected medical situations can have a negative effect on our lives.

Project HOPE (Health Outreach Prevention and Education) is a place you can turn. It was designed to meet the needs of people who don't have medical insurance or who have high deductibles.

Our medical practitioners are available to you in a comfortable and private van. No appointment is needed, and there is usually little or no wait.

Our services are free. More importantly, they are given on a one-on-one basis. That means we really listen to your health concerns. We want to help you get better so you can move forward with your busy life.

Services provided by Project HOPE

Project HOPE offers many different services, including treating general or occasional medical problems, providing noninvasive treatments and tests, checking blood pressure, and providing sports physicals. Our medical practitioners can also write certain prescriptions as needed.

Sometimes we'll identify a problem and refer you to one of our hospital physicians, specialty physicians or healthcare counselors. We'll give you with the information you need to stay on top of your medical condition. Finally, we'll give you guidance to help you prevent future medical conditions.

The Project HOPE van is out of service until further notice. Please contact the Physician Referral Line at 209-536-3344 for health care options or go to 193 S. Fairview Lane, Suite B for same day services.