Financial Services

About Our Services

People Looking Over Financial DocumentsIf you have received care from Adventist Health Sonora or one of our off-site services, we have opened a patient account in your name where we will record all financial transactions related to your care. If you have given us your medical plan information, we will submit a claim on your behalf and will keep you informed of the outcome. Note that most doctors are independent practitioners and are not medical center employees or agents. They will bill you and/or your insurance company separately.

Understanding Your Statement

We are here to assist you in understanding your bill and the billing process.

Please pay close attention to the "Important Message" box on your statement. Our patient business office may use it to provide information or ask you to:

  • Contact your medical plan company.
  • Apply for financial assistance.
  • Contact our billing office.
  • Make a payment.

If you have a medical plan, we will bill your provider and send you a statement. You should only pay your deductible and co-insurance at this time. Once your medical plan company has processed your claim, we will send you another statement. You must then pay any unpaid balance.

If you do not have a medical plan, the first statement you receive is your bill.

Full payment is due when you receive a bill requesting payment. If you need to make other financial arrangements, please call your customer service representative. Visit our Financial Assistance page for more information.

Paying Your Bill

Our financial counselors can help you figure out your medical plan coverage, apply for government aid or make payment arrangements.

We also are happy to provide you with an itemized billing statement. Translation services are available upon request.

We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. We also can arrange short-term payment plans as needed.

Visit our Online Bill Payment page if you would like to pay your bill online.

If you have any questions, please call (800) 593-1551