Angel Award

​The Angel Award is a quarterly Mission Award designed to recognize the spirit and actions of Adventist Health Sonora employees and practitioners in living God's love.

Our mission: Living God's love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope.

Angel Award Winner - 3rd quarter 2018

Michelle Fuentes, JoAnn Martell, and Nikki ColemanJoAnn Martell received a big surprise at work this week - a visit from her daughter and two grandkids who traveled from Roseville for a surprise visit. JoAnn, who has worked at Adventist Health Sonora as a patient access representative for 11 years, was busy at work when she was called out to the main lobby where her family, Michelle Fuentes, and several colleagues were waiting to present her with the 3rd quarter Angel Award! Nikki Coleman, philanthropy officer at AHSR, nominated JoAnn for her steadfast positivity and focus on living God's love through any challenge.

In her nomination letter Nikki writes, "JoAnn has been a pillar of strength and a source of calmness and perseverance for her team, while also keeping her main focus on the excellent care she provides to our patients. In early 2018, JoAnn was diagnosed with breast cancer. If I thought JoAnn exuded positivity and perseverance before, these characteristics were exhibited on a super human level after her diagnosis. There were days that I remember Jo clocking in for her swing shift in ER, just after receiving treatment at our Cancer Center downstairs. I'm sure there were days when she was tired or hurting, but we never knew it. She was relentless with her positive outlook, selflessness and determination. Day in and day out, even on treatment days, Jo would come in to our department with a huge (and I mean HUGE!) smile on her face, her pearly whites just glowing, ready to seize the day and get to work. Ironically, Jo builds her team up and rallies everyone together to stay positive, instead of the other way around. Watching Jo live each day with such a kind and uplifting spirit, even during a vulnerable time for her, has been incredibly inspirational to me. She truly is an angel on earth and we are so very lucky to have her at Adventist Health Sonora!"