Faith Community Nursing

The mission of Adventist Health Sonora is to provide physical, mental and spiritual healing, making faith communities essential partners in this mission.

Historically, hospitals were born out of faith communities and are recognized as original health organizations. Adventist Health Sonora reaches out to all faith communities and invites you to become a partner in healing by developing or enhancing health ministries in your congregation. Through team building, educational training and support, you can learn how to develop and sustain a successful health ministry in your faith community. Through individual consultation and church leadership guidance, faith communities develop a ministry that is aligned with their goals.

The medical center provides monthly education and networking meetings to provide ongoing support for your health ministry team members. Faith community parish nursing is an American Nurses Association recognized specialty practice for registered nurses. Health ministry teams are often strengthened by the presence of a nurse. The medical center offers a one-day introductory course for nurses and others interested in health ministry and this nursing specialty practice.

To find out more, send an e-mail message to Faith Community Nursing or call (209) 536-5027