Quality Reports

The Centers for Medicare and Medicadi (CMS) provides information about the quality of care at over 4,000 Medicare-certified hospitals across the nation. Hospital Compare is a source to find hospitals and compare their quality outcomes. Adventist Health Sonora is excited to share the hospital’s Care Compare Star Rating as well as a sampling of how we are performing on certain measures, compared to the national average.

Medicare’s Care Compare website: www.medicare.gov/care-compare

Adventist Health Sonora

Quality Measures

​Adventist Health Sonora ​National Average

​Outpatients with chest pain or possible heart attack who received drugs to break up blood clots within 30 minutes of arrival.

​78% ​57%​

​Patients who present with stroke symptoms who received brain scan results within 45 mins of arrival.

​88%​ ​72​%

​Percentage of mothers breastfeeding exclusively.

66%​ ​51%

Patients who received appropriate care for severe sepsis and septic shock.

​86% 60%

Patient Safety Initiatives

​ Patient Safety Initiative ​Description ​Results
​Wound Care Team ​Assessment of skin and wounds; prevention of pressure injuries ​Zero pressure ulcers in 2017,2018, 2019, and 2020
​Hospital-Onset MRSA Bloodstream Infections ​Best practices when initiating, accessing, and caring for central lines; prescribing antibiotics appropriately ​Zero hospital-onset MRSA bloodstream infections in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020
​CLABSI Prevention
(initiated September 2018)
Best practices for central line maintenance, compliance monitoring; CHG daily bathing implemented ​Zero Central Line Associated BloodStream Infections (CLABSI) since initiation in 2018, 2019, and 2020
​CAUTI Care Redesign
(initiated September 2020)
Best practices of utilizing other urinary options, reducing foley catheter days, and nurse-driven protocols ​Zero Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI) since initiation in 2020

For more information about Hospital Compare, visit the CMS website.