Stories of Hope

The generosity of our community is clearly illustrated by the stories of hope from those who have benefited from our various philanthropy funds. Read the stories below to see how your gift can spread hope and improve the quality of life for others in our community.

Elizabeth's Story

Elizabeth's Story"Prior to the COVID- 19 pandemic, Elizabeth supplemented her limited income by baking bread to sell at farmers markets. But because she is immunocompromised, her doctors have asked her to shelter in place indefinitely. Without the supplemental income, the $1,500 heating and cooling unit she had planned to buy became completely out of reach. She was stuck at home with no reliable way of fending off the summer heat. When her aging swamp cooler finally died last year, she started researching her options. “I was grateful that the swamp cooler didn’t die until October,” Elizabeth says. She had decided on a ductless heating and air conditioning wall unit recommended by the American Lung Association but found herself with no way of paying for it. “A friend told me there’s a philanthropy fund at the hospital,” Elizabeth explains. Read more