FRIENDs is an annual giving program that provides financial assistance for the outreach activities of the medical center.

FRIENDs, an acronym for FundRaising Individual Ensuring Necessary Development, provides an opportunity for us to assist in the funding of programs and services such as:

  • Chaplain's services
  • Faith Community Nursing
  • OakPlus
  • Community first aid
  • Healthy Living newsletter
  • Health education classes
  • Support groups
  • Project HOPE

You can become a FRIEND by making an annual contribution to the FRIENDs program.

Donors will be recognized for their annual gifts on the Donor Wall located on the ground floor of the medical center.

Giving Levels
Platinum Circle: $2500 and above
Gold Circle: $1000 to 2499
Silver Circle: $500 to $999
Bronze Circle: $250 to $499

Employees may use payroll deduction for their gifts. For example:

Platinum Circle
$100 per pay period x 26 (1 year) = $2,600.

Gold Circle
$40 per pay period x 26 (1 year) = $1,040

Silver Circle
$20 per pay period x 26 (1 year) = $520

Bronze Circle
$10 per pay period x 26 (1 year) = $260

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