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It's easy to get in a groove, go to work, punch the clock and forget why you got into nursing. Been there? We like to remind ourselves why we do what we do - caring for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our community. Is nursing more than just a job for you? Join our team and focus your mission on others.

We have a healthy obsession with quality. Quality of care. Quality management. You can see it on the faces of our compassionate nurses and outstanding customer service representatives. But we also like quality of life. Living in an environment that is healthy for mind, body and soul. Because it's not just about quality at work, but in your community and home. This is not just a great place to be for your career, but for your life.

Not convinced? How about eight or 12 hours shifts, bonus shift pay, nursing scholarships, local CE classes and more.

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Adventist Health's Professional Practice Model

PPM model

What is a Professional Practice Model?

The Professional Practice Model adopted by Adventist Health represents the complex role of the professional nurse. Our professional practice model has a two-fold purpose:

  • To define and support nursing control over the care environment and the delivery of care
  • To capture the values, goals, and relationships that define the professional nursing identity

Why is a Professional Practice Model important?

Our Professional Practice Model helps us describe, guide, unify, and measure nursing practice throughout our organization. Our Professional Practice Model promotes professional identity, job satisfaction, high quality and consistent nursing care, improved quality of patient and family outcomes, and enhanced intra and interdisciplinary communication.

For additional information, download our Professional Practice Model brochure.