Spring 2019

Investment in Snowsound Project

childAs the Child Development Center (CDC) at Adventist Health Simi Valley marks its 40th year of service to our community this year, the Foundation is preparing to invest over $145,000 to improve the facility. The CDC operates from a renovated, 15,000-square-foot space located on the North Campus of the hospital. A team of over 45 pediatric experts—including occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists and child development specialists—serves over 500 infants, toddlers and children from eastern Ventura County and the western border of the San Fernando Valley.

The project, which entails installation of acoustic panels, will help to minimize the bounce of sound throughout the CDC. Too much noise is stressful for many of the young patients and can interfere with the delivery of care at the center. The CDC has been fundraising for several years to help create a solution to the sound challenge. In February, the Adventist Health Simi Valley Foundation Board agreed to capstone the project with general funds to ensure the final $15,000 needed to move forward with the Snowsound Project, named for the sound-dampening acoustic panels.

We thank the many donors and associates who have given over the years to make this project possible. If you are interested in learning more about how you can support the CDC at Adventist Health Simi Valley, please contact ahsvf@ah.org.

AHSV Foundation Leadership

Advanced Care chartThe Adventist Health Simi Valley Foundation team is grateful for the volunteer community leaders who have confirmed their commitment to serve in the coming year. For a full listing of the AHSV Foundation Board, click here.

The board, under the leadership of John Park, is taking on two major goals for 2019. The first is to complete the Advanced Care Expansion by November 1. This is a $1-million-dollar investment to fund a technologically advanced Cath Lab that will address the critical need for heart and stroke care in our community. For more information on the Advanced Care Expansion, click here. The second goal is to inspire over 1,000 members of our community to invest back into Adventist Health Simi Valley through the Foundation’s various initiatives.

If you are a community leader who would like to help shape what healthcare access looks and feels like for our community, contact us at ahsvf@ah.org or call (805) 955-6672.

Honor Your Doctor

Honor Your Doctor AHSVOn March 8, the Adventist Health Simi Valley Foundation invited patients and past donors to honor and thank their favorite doctor through a tribute gift for Advanced Care Expansion in our community. Patients were encouraged to write a note of gratitude to be delivered to their doctor of choice on April 1 at the hospital’s annual celebration of National Doctors’ Day.

*As of March 30th, the AHSV Foundation has received $507,992, toward the $1-million-dollar goal. This puts us just over 50% of our need. You too can honor your favorite doctor today.

New Face Around Town

Geovanny RagsdaleGeovanny Ragsdale, the new philanthropy president for the Adventist Health Simi Valley Foundation, comes to us with almost 20 years of professional fundraising experience. She joined our Simi Valley community on January 2, along with her husband, Johnnie, and their fur babies, Hatchi and Luna.

Geovanny previously served as associate vice president for philanthropy at Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, Tennessee, a suburb of Chattanooga. There, she guided a team of fundraisers to grow and impact the university’s infrastructure, scholarships and endowment.

A personal experience influenced Geovanny’s decision to transition from higher education to healthcare.

“Being on my own health journey has helped me realize the positive impact healthcare can have on the community through education and inspiration for change,” she said. “I love that the mission of Adventist Health Simi Valley—Living God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope—aligns with my personal mission and values.”

Philanthropy is about inspiring people to come together for a greater good. Geovanny has dedicated her life to encouraging others to take an active role in their community through gifts of time, talent and treasure.

“I look forward to sharing God’s love and inspiration by providing opportunities through the foundation for others to invest in improving and saving lives for their family members, friends and neighbors right here in Simi Valley,” Geovanny said.

Adventist Health Simi Valley has made incredible strides toward improving our community’s access to the health, wholeness and hope the hospital offers. Geovanny is committed to helping the hospital continually expand its capabilities to provide these important community services.

As she has gotten to know the hospital, Geovanny said, she has been impressed by the dedicated associates.

“Many of my fellow associates live right here in the community,” she said. “They are neighbors serving neighbors, and it shows in the compassionate care I have observed in these past three months.”

She also said the executive team’s vision for the hospital and our community is invigorating. She trusts God will once again use the gifts and talents He has given her to help grow the impact the foundation makes for the greater good of our shared society.