Lifeline Program

The Lifeline Program: A Real Lifesaver

The Simi Valley Hospital-based Lifeline Program provides elderly people living at home direct access to immediate attention if they fall or experience other medical emergencies. The hospital and community fund the purchase cost and maintenance of the units. The service is available for residents of Simi Valley and Moorpark

The system works like this:

  • The subscriber carries a personal help button that can be worn around the neck or on the wrist.

  • When an emergency occurs, the subscriber pushes the button, activating a home communicator attached to his or her telephone.

  • The subscriber's home communicator automatically dials the Simi Valley Hospital Lifeline Service.

A telephone in the monitoring department is automatically connected to the subscriber's home unit, enabling immediate contact with the subscriber. There is a speaker phone feature on the home unit in case the subscriber is unable to reach the telephone.

If the monitor is unable to reach the subscriber, he or she calls a "responder," a friend or family member of the subscriber who lives nearby and has been pre-selected to assist in case of emergency. Paramedics are called, if necessary, and the subscriber's needs are taken care of quickly and thoroughly.

Worth the Effort

The units are provided on an as-available basis, at a reduced monthly monitoring cost to eligible senior citizens. For seniors with income levels that exceed the qualifications, Simi Valley Hospital provides units at a nominal fee.

Although many subscribers never actually have to use their Lifeline equipment for emergency medical assistance, the potential for needing the service always exists. And for those who do need help, the service is invaluable.

In addition to rapid medical response, the Lifeline Program provides another intangible, but invaluable, service: peace of mind.

The program is as much a reassuring factor for the family as it is for the individuals themselves. That is particularly so if the family is out of the area. The families have the assurance that their elderly parents who are living alone can get help in their time of need.

Becoming a Lifeline Subscriber

If you are interested in the Lifeline program for yourself or a loved one, please contact the Simi Valley Senior Center at (805) 583-6363 or:

1. Download a Lifeline application to your computer.

2. Locate the file and Open it in Adobe Acrobat.

3a. Fill out the form in Acrobat, then Save the file so your entries are not lost.
3b. Print it out and fill out by hand.

4a. Fax it back to us at (805) 955-6955.
4b. Mail it to Simi Valley Hospital, Lifeline Program, 2975 N. Sycamore Dr., Simi Valley CA 93065.

For any additional questions please contact the Simi Valley Hospital Lifeline Office at (805) 955-6954.