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Surgical Services

We’ll be by your side every step of the way

Our hospitals’ surgical teams understand surgery can be a stressful experience. We work with you to make this experience go as smoothly as possible.

Whether you’re having an outpatient procedure or a more complicated surgery that requires a stay in the hospital, our surgeons and staff members are committed to meeting your needs from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave.

Our Adventist Health surgical teams have been recognized for their excellence. Our staff has years of experience and a high commitment to quality care and patient safety.

Preparing for surgery

It’s normal to feel anxious about surgery, but thankfully there are healthy ways to address your fears. Learning about your operation and preparing for it can help you feel more confident about the next steps. Every surgery has different requirements, but there are some basic guidelines to help you prepare for virtually any operations.

As your surgery approaches, be sure to:

  • Be prepared to fast, meaning no eating or drinking for up to 12 hours before your surgery — this includes water, gum and mints
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing — something easy to wear after your surgery
  • Leave your valuables at home — the hospital cannot guarantee their safety
  • Bring your ID and insurance information
  • Find someone to drive you home if you’ll be given anesthesia — it’s required, and we also recommend you have someone drive you to and from the hospital for any surgery
  • Eat right and stay healthy in the weeks leading up to your surgery
  • Do not wear any nail polish, hairpins, makeup or jewelry
  • Ask your surgeon any questions you have

Asking questions is perhaps the most important aspect of surgery. You deserve to know what the surgery involves, the possible risks and why it has been recommended for you. Surgery is nothing to take lightly, and you should only agree to one when you and your care team feel confident it is the best decision.


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