Outpatient Services

Kerr Outpatient Center

exterior of Kerr Outpatient Center building in Hanford, CA

The Kerr Outpatient Center at 470 N. Greenfield Ave. in Hanford is designed to offer an attractive yet comfortable setting for outpatient surgery. In recent years, medical technology has made it possible to perform many procedures with tiny incisions. This means patients can return to their own homes for healing, which speeds recovery.

The center includes:

  • Four surgery suites.
  • Seven preparation rooms.
  • Endoscopy suites.
  • 10-bed recovery bay.
  • Convenient drive-up to the front entrance and patient pick-up area.


Kerr Outpatient Center
470 N. Greenfield Avenue, Hanford
Admitting: (559)-537-0120
Surgery Pre-op: (559) 537-2508

"My surgeon, Dr. Davis, was very good. He explained the procedure to me in a way that I could understand." ~ Patient Testimonial