After Surgery

Outpatient surgery in Yuba City

You’ll need some time to recover once you have completed surgery. Immediately after surgery, patients may be brought to the Recovery Room or Day Surgery Room, depending on the stage of recovery. The Post Anesthesia Care unit is staffed with nurses trained in post anesthesia care. The post anesthesia care nurse monitors you when you wake up from anesthesia to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. The length of time you stay after surgery depends on the procedure, the anesthesia used and the patients’ response to both.

Make sure you have a ride home

If you received anesthesia for your operation, you will not be able to operate a vehicle for at least 24 hours. It is recommended that you have someone drive you to and from your appointment. Even if your operation does not require anesthesia, it is not a bad idea to have someone drive you home so that you can continue to relax.

Have you prepped your home for your return?

Depending on what type of surgery you underwent, you may not have your full range of movement for a few days after the operation. You can make things easier for yourself by stocking up on food, moving important items to easy-to-reach shelves and asking someone to stay overnight to help you in case of an emergency.