Labor and Delivery

Fifth Floor – Labor & Delivery
During labor mothers will be accommodated in a beautiful private suite designed for maximum comfort for her and her family members. All suites offer comfortable seating for guests, a private restroom and a convertible couch for overnight stays, large windows with views and abundance natural light, plus a dedicated family area.The fifth floor offers twelve Labor & Delivery Rooms, Two C-Section Rooms, Ante Partum Testing Unit and Triage

Fourth Floor – Following Delivery
Following delivery, mothers and babies will enjoy private suites until they are ready to go home. Each suite has its own private bathroom and shower and is large enough to accommodate a bassinet as ell as family members.

The fourth floor offers twenty-six private Mother Baby rooms designed for rooming in with your baby. A Well Baby Nursery and a six bed Neonatal ICU designed to treat our tiniest patients.

Cesarean Birth

There are many reasons why the decision may be made to perform a cesarean section. Sometimes, the cesarean is planned in advance because of an existing medical condition or because there will be more than two babies born. Other times, a cesarean section is performed after labor fails to progress and there is some concern about the health of the baby or mother.

Spinal Anesthesia is preferred over “going to sleep” during a cesarean section. It will allow women to remain comfortable during the procedure. Husbands or one support person are invited to be present in the cesarean section room, only if spinal or epidural anesthesia is used.

Newborn Hearing Screening Program

We are pleased to announce that all babies will receive a Hearing Screen prior to discharge home. This will be done in the Nursery at a time when your baby is sleepy and usually takes just 15-30 minutes. We will be able to share the results of the Hearing Screen with you before you go home.

Hearing loss occurs in newborns more often than any other regularly screened health condition. One to three babies out of 1,000 are born with some level of hearing loss. Newborns can distinguish language as early as six weeks of age. As early as six months of age, they can analyze and store language. Early detection and intervention before six months is important to a child’s health and developing communication skills.

Following the state’s criteria, Rideout Health offers the Newborn Hearing Screening Program.

Visiting Hours

Hospital visiting hours are 10am-8pm

Fathers or partners are welcome to visit any time. Please remember that quiet time is very important. Please limit visitors so the patient can rest appropriately.

Keeping Your Baby Safe at the Family Birthing Center at Rideout

To provide a secure environment for our tiny patients and peace of mind for their parents, the Family Birthing Center restricts access to the public and monitors traffic in and outside the secured unit.

Please take a few moments to review the steps to provide infant security and safety during your hospitalization

When your baby is born, identification bracelets with matching numbers and an admission band will be placed not he baby’s wrist and ankle – and on your writs. Should any bracelets slide off, please notify he nursing staff immediately.

If you need to use the bathroom and you are alone, keep the bathroom door slightly open so you can see your baby at all times. Your baby should be returned to the nursery when you shower. Never leave your baby alone.

Your baby should only be transported to the crib. Your baby must remain in the Family Birthing Center until released

Only Family Birthing Center at Adventist Health and Rideout nursing staff or your family members should assist you in caring for your baby. Do not release your baby to anyone except Family Birthing Center nursing staff who are wearing photo identification badges.