Quality: Our Promise, Progress, and Performance

At Rideout Health, we are committed to both quality and transparency, and to quantifying our progress through a variety of voluntary and mandated measurement programs, as well as our own internal benchmarking systems, which track both clinical data and patient opinions. Our Quality Council, comprised of Board members, physicians and hospital leaders, meets monthly to review performance reports and provide direction for continuous performance improvement. In this section you can access a variety of those reports, and also learn more about the different quality measurement programs in which we participate. Check back regularly in this section for quarterly updates.

Pollster George Gallup once said, "Not everything that can be counted counts; and not everything that counts can be counted." Whether it's patient opinions or patient outcomes, some quality measures are more important than others. So while we track upwards of 200 data points in 50 different categories through one or more of the mandated, voluntary and internal programs, we pay the closest attention to those that directly affect the health and welfare of our patients.

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Quality and Patient Safety Data Report – Provided by the Hospital Quality Institute, in cooperation with the Patient Safety Movement Foundation and California Hospital Association. Adventist Health supports efforts to be transparent related to quality data.