Your Medical Record

If you would like a copy of your medical record, please call
(530) 751-4270 extension 4078 or visit, Adventist Health and Rideout Business Center at 826 4th Street, Marysville.

Each time you visit a hospital, physician or other healthcare provider, the provider makes a record of it. Typically, this record contains your health history, current symptoms, examination and test results, diagnoses, treatment and a plan for future care or treatment. This information, often referred to as your medical record, serves as a:

  • Basis for planning your care and treatment
  • Means of communication among health professionals who care for you
  • Legal document describing the care you received
  • Means by which you or a third-party can verify that you received the services billed
  • Tool in medical education
  • Source of information for public health officials
  • Tool to assess the appropriateness and quality of care you received
  • Tool to improve the quality of healthcare and achieve better patient outcomes

Understanding what is in your health record
Ensure its accuracy and completeness

  • Understand where, when, why and how others may access your health records
  • Make informed decisions about authorizing disclosure to others
  • Better understand the health information rights

We have a legal duty to safeguard your protected health information
We are legally required to protect the privacy of your health information. We call this information “protected health information,” or “PHI” for short. It includes information that can be used to identify you. We collect or receive this information about your past, present or future health condition to provide health care to you, or to receive payment for this health care. We must provide you with this notice about our privacy practices that explains how, when, and why we use and disclose your health information. With some exceptions, we may not use or disclose any more of your health information than is necessary to accomplish the purpose of the use or disclosure. We are legally required to follow the privacy practices that are described in this notice.